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Train Guide

Traveling by trains is the best way to go throughout Vietnam
Trains are always safe, secure, comfortable, and cheap according to the recommendation from many travelers over the world. Traveling by trains will help you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes in each destination you pass through. When you on the train, you’re suggested to go around because it’ll help you to have better viewing experience. 
Traveling by night train is a great ideal to save time and budget while resting yourself after a long journey. Moreover, taking trains will offer you a real Vietnamese experience like locals do.
So there’re few information we would like to share with you to ensure you will have an unforgettable trip with Vietnam Railways.
Before booking a ticket
To ensure that you get your desired train at reasonable ticket price, please book your tickets as soon as possible and far from the traveling date. 
You’re recommended to bring in small luggage and bags to avoid any inconvenience because the designated storage area is small and not able to keep large packages. During the journey, you can take a nap or try some local foods selling on the mobile cart, which moves constantly along the corridors. 
If you want to travel comfortably by train, please book a soft sleeper because it’s designed well enough for resting and storing bags. If you travel with your family, please book for the lower berths to keep your kids safe from falling on the floor. Moreover, stay in lower berth will provide you a small table for working or eating.
Before paying for your train ticket online, please read carefully all the information relates to your ticket, terms and conditions to ensure that you’ll not be surprised at what you received or feeling cheated. You’re also reminded to bring along some foods even though it’s very easy to buy some snacks or drinks in Vietnam.
At train station & on train
Please always be alert of the pickpockets or thieves and keep an eye on your belongings. Never leave your baggage or valuable things in the cabin without caring. 
If someone asks you to leave the cabin, do not follow what they say unless it’s from Vietnam Railways’ staff for safety reason and do not forget to bring your belongings with you. 
When you sleep at night, always remember to lock your cabin to prevent thieves or strangers. Keeps your valuable items in a secure place to avoid losing them along the way.
Your bags should be tied together so you can move them easier when reaching the destination or watching them during the journey. 
The most important notice is do not drink too much. Being drunk will get you sleeping or unawareness, it might be the chance for thieves to take your belongings.
Another note is always keep your ticket with you for checking or to prove your booked seat or sleeper.
Above information may not be detail enough but we do hope it will help you have a safe and sound trip with Vietnam Railways.
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